Philadelphia Computer Crimes Lawyer

Studies show that a good portion of communication is now done online…which means it’s only safe to say that criminal activity involving computers is now popular too. Whether a computer crime concerns illicit materials such as piracy or child pornography or some form of internet fraud, a good defense lawyer knows that computer crimes charges are often difficult to pin on a specific offender. If you or someone you know is being investigated for a computer crime or has already been arrested for one, contact the Philadelphia criminal attorney today.

At the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney, we can represent any computer crimes case including:

Sometimes a client may have committed a computer crime without even knowing it was a crime. An investigation could have been underway for months or even years, and the next thing they know the police are at their door. In the instances of more illicit materials such as child pornography, clients can possibly incriminate themselves further by attempting to wipe their hard drives or destroy evidence themselves.

Our Philadelphia Will Expose Any Flaws in the Evidence

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was you behind that computer screen and that you did indeed commit a legally punishable computer crime. An experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyer will bring to light any holes in the prosecution’s case to get our clients the justice they deserve.

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