Philadelphia Juvenile Crime Attorney

While juvenile crimes are often seen as mistakes of youthful indiscretion, the truth is that a conviction on the record of a juvenile offender can have very serious life consequences. No parent wants to deal with the potential incarceration of their child, but the fact is that if your child has been implicated in a crime or committed a crime themselves, jail time is definitely a possibility. If your child has been arrested or is being investigated for a crime, contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Juvenile crimes can range from public misconduct, drunk driving, underage drinking, vandalism, sex crimes, as well as crimes in many other categories. The punishments for these crimes vary depending on the severity of the crime.

In some juvenile crimes cases such as simple civil disobedience (e.g. vandalism) fines and community service will probably be the appropriate punishment. However, in other more serious crimes such as DUI or those of a sexual nature, a child will most likely face more rigid consequences. Those crimes involving drugs and alcohol especially may result in punishments in addition to those that an adult offender would face.

The Philadelphia criminal attorney believes strongly in defending the rights of every juvenile offender, no matter the type of crime he or she has committed. Jail alternatives will always be evaluated and recommended to the court. And in the case that a child needs interventionist help such as anger management classes or rehabilitative programs, the Philadelphia criminal attorney will work alongside the juvenile justice system to get a juvenile client what he or she needs to change their life.

If your child under the age of 18 has been arrested for a crime, contact us today to consult with a Philadelphia criminal lawyer immediately.