Philadelphia Traffic Violations Lawyer

Most people brush off a speeding ticket or other seemingly menial traffic violation as of no consequence. This is true…most of the time. Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania treats even speeding tickets as a misdemeanor? It isn’t technically a crime, but it can be treated as such. Just one traffic violation can lead to a tarred driving record as well as other unpredictable consequences. If you are facing a traffic violation, speak with the Philadelphia criminal attorney to see how we can help you avoid unforeseen consequences.

The Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can help with cases involving:

Even a simple speeding ticket could result in paying fines, spending time in traffic school, and increased car insurance rates. Mores serious traffic violations such as DUI can result in jail time and the loss of a license. Imagine how losing your driver’s license could affect your daily life, even your ability to get to and from work or your child’s school.

No matter your driving record and traffic violation history, the Philadelphia criminal attorney can help.

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