Philadelphia Sex Crimes Attorney

Philadelphia’s criminal attorney has years of experience representing all types of criminal cases with sex crimes cases being no exception. Our firm understands that merely being accused of a sex crime is life-altering. A conviction for a sex crime is devastating for all parties involved and has the potential to ruin a defendant’s future.

A sex crime is any crime that involves misconduct of a sexual nature. Depending on the crime, an arrested individual can be charged with a state or a federal crime. The Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can represent any sex crimes offense.

Our Philadelphia Criminal Attorney Defends:

Law enforcement is especially beginning to increase the intensity by which it prosecutes internet sex crimes such as child pornography. Police officers and investigators are regularly going into sex chat rooms and luring potential offenders into incriminating themselves.

In the state of Pennsylvania, sex crimes are heavily punishable by normal incarceration sentences as well as lifestyle restrictions. If a sex crimes conviction is reached, the offender will have to register under the state’s Megan’s Law following their potentially long prison sentence. Registering as a recognized sex offender could affect future employment opportunities or the location of where you could purchase your next home.

If you or your loved one has been accused of a sex crime, you will need an aggressive lawyer on your side. Contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney today for an immediate consultation.