Philadelphia Weapons Charges Attorney

If you have been arrested for a crime involving a weapon in the Philadelphia area, it is imperative that you contact the Philadelphia criminal attorney as soon as possible.

The state of Pennsylvania considers a weapon charge to be an “enhanceable” offense.  If you are arrested for another crime for instance and have a weapon near you or on your person, this will merit a mandatory prison sentence if you are convicted of the crime.  Even if the weapon is a registered firearm that you legally are entitled to, the presence of a weapon during a crime will increase your punishment if a conviction is reached.

Any crime involving a weapon has the potential to be charged as a federal crime, especially violent crimes and drug crimes.

Specifically with drug crimes, being found with a weapon while trafficking illegal substances could result in being charged as a terrorist under the Patriot Act.  No one needs to tell you how serious a charge like this could be. 

In order to convict an individual on a weapons charge, the arresting officers must have followed a very specific protocol in the process of the search and seizure.  The law protects citizen against unlawful seizures of property, including weapons.  Fighting an illegal weapons charge means that your Philadelphia criminal defense attorney must be completely knowledgeable and well versed in Pennsylvania’s very strict and very complicated weapons laws. 

If you have been arrested on a weapons charge, contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney for an immediate consultation.