Philadelphia's Drug Crimes Attorney

If you are arrested for a drug crime, speak to the Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys immediately. Even if you believe that you have been caught red-handed, all hope is not lost with a good defense attorney by your side. Our firm can represent any type of drug crime including:

The first step any good criminal defense attorney will take in a drug crimes case is to get the drugs eliminated from the evidence. Police and law enforcement officials must follow strict protocol in criminal cases, but especially in drug cases. If the police confiscated the drugs they found on you in an illegal search and seizure, this is grounds to dismiss the case or at least minimize the charges against you.

A specific drug crime in the state of Pennsylvania can violate both state and federal laws. Upon appointment, our Philadelphia criminal defense firm will quickly evaluate your case to determine how it will be charged.

Our Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Will Seek the Best Possible Outcome

Even in a worst case scenario where a client is convicted of a drug crime, the state of Pennsylvania offers jail alternatives. A client could receive probation, a stint in a private jail (which is much more comfortable than a county jail), drug and alcohol education classes, or hours of community service. For those clients that may need help with drug addiction, a criminal lawyer can petition the court to send a client to a rehabilitative program instead of jail.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a drug crime in the Philadelphia area, contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney today.