Philadelphia Embezzlement Lawyer

The legal definition of embezzlement is any crime that involves the misappropriation of funds by an individual. In other words, it is employee theft. Pennsylvania state law classifies embezzlement as a theft crime and punishes it as such. If you are aware or suspect that you are being investigated for embezzlement in the Philadelphia area, contact a Philadelphia criminal laddwyer immediately.

Generally speaking the punishment for embezzlement follows the below standard:

Many clients attempt to fix whatever they have done on their own. This is almost always proven to be a serious mistake as it can help law enforcement build a stronger case. If you believe that you may have committed the crime of embezzlement, speak to an attorney before doing anything else. It is in the best interest of any client to appoint a Philadelphia criminal lawyer before speaking with any investigators or law enforcement officials.

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Some embezzlement cases can be settled out of court with the returning of whatever funds were stolen. The Philadelphia criminal lawyer will do whatever it takes to work with the prosecution and the judge to get the least amount of punishment possible for a client.

If you believe that you or someone you know could have possibly committed the crime of embezzlement, contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney immediately for your consultation today.