Philadelphia Probation Violations Attorney

If you or your loved one has violated their probation, it is in your best interest to consult with a Philadelphia criminal attorney as soon as possible.

A probation violation in the state of Pennsylvania could be:

Our Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Provides Skilled Defense

Typically in the state of Pennsylvania, no bail will be allowed to be posted for a violation of probation if the probation officer makes such a recommendation. Instead, you, your probation officer, and your appointed Philadelphia criminal lawyer will meet with a judge at a hearing. This hearing is where a skilled defense lawyer becomes very important.

Judges have no mercy for offenders, especially repeat offenders. The Philadelphia criminal attorney will craft a solid defense on your behalf, complete with any positive strides a client has made throughout their probation. If you have been doing well at your job and haven’t missed any of your probation meetings, the judge will be made aware of the fact.

In the cases of blatant disregard of probation restrictions, the Philadelphia criminal attorney will negotiate for either stricter probation terms or jail alternatives---anything to keep a client out of jail.

If you have violated your probation, contact the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal attorney today to begin your case.