Philadelphia White Collar Crimes Attorney

White collar crimes are any crime committed by a government official or business associate for financial gain.  These crimes are usually non-violent and typically include some sort of financial fraud such as ponzi schemes, insider trading, mortgage fraud, and tax fraud.  If you suspect that you are being investigated for a white collar crime in the Philadelphia area, appoint a Philadelphia criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Many clients involved in a white collar crime either directly or by implication oftentimes make the mistake of attempting to clear their names without legal assistance.  This is a severe mistake, and can actually help the prosecutors build a case against you, especially in a federal crime.  Federal prosecutors like to use grand jury investigations in white collar criminal cases that fall under their jurisdiction.  A federal grand jury can subpoena any documents and witnesses as they see fit---the more moves you make attempting to correct or cover up illegal activities, the more evidence you provide against you.

Our Philadelphia Criminal Attorney can help your case

In the event that you are suspected to be complicit in a white collar crime, you will need a knowledgeable Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to navigate you through the complicated investigation and trial process that will ensue.  The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a white collar crime can include prison time, fines, government possession of funds, audits, lost assets, and loss of professional reputation.

Your Philadelphia criminal lawyer will represent you aggressively to minimize any punishment and damage to your career and personal life.   Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.