Philadelphia Parole Violations Lawyer

In the state of Pennsylvania, violating your parole could mean going back to jail. If you think that you may have violated your parole or have been accused of doing so, appoint the Philadelphia criminal attorney immediately to prevent going back to jail.

A violation of parole can include:

Following a parole violation, you and your criminal defense attorney will attend a parole violation hearing. At this hearing, it will be decided if you merit any more legal consequences or should be allowed to continue your parole.

Our Philadelphia Crimnal Lawyer Will Work for the Best Outcome Possible

Not every violation of parole is an automatic indicator of criminal activity. Sometimes clients truly are trying to get their lives back on track, but have made a mistake on the way. The Philadelphia criminal attorney believes in taking any acts of positive change to the judge. While a violation of parole can result in more jail time, the Philadelphia criminal attorney will work to get any client a continuation of their parole or jail alternatives such as house arrest, community service, fines, and rehabilitative programs.

At the law offices of the Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, we believe in fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients no matter the specifics of their case. We will fight for the fairest and most advantageous sentence possible. If you or your loved one has violated their parole, contact us today for a consultation.